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PoochieBells®,The Simple Solution for Communicating with Pooch

Easily & Quickly train your pooch to ring PoochieBells® each time it’s potty time, 95% Effective form of Communication. Any Age, Any Size.
PoochieBells® are the trusted  & original name in dog potty training doorbells, endorsed by pet industry professionals.
Made in the USA with custom, lead free bells. Look for our exclusive paw print insignia to guarantee quality & craftsmanship.

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It works GREAT! We are buying a second Poochie-Bells so we will have one when we travel. Our Sadie learned to use Poochie-Bells in three days!

New Hampshire

Thanks to Poochie-Bells our vacations with the dogs are easier. Sleeping in a new environment can be challenging. But we just hang the bell on the door and they know where to go.


We trained our Puggle in NO TIME! The Poochie-Bells are so much more attractive than the ugly jingle bells I had assembled on my own! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful product! If you ever need an “endorsement dog”, let us know!

Max, California

Thank you so much! I brag about your system to all the dog-owners i know! I get them extremely jealous....I could just say my Max is a genius, but instead I convince them that anyone can do it. With consistency and positive reinforcement, your poochie-bells can work for anyone!

Grace Solivan

My fur baby is looking more handsome than ever, decked out with his oh-so-dapper London collar and leash. Thank you Poochie-Pets, your products are tough and stylish!


Very easy to teach your pet to let you know when he or she needs to go outside to potty. Stick with the all leather premium edition. You will be amazed, amused, and able to put the rug cleaner away.

Cooper and Austin

We love Poochie-Bells! It was so easy to house train our Australian Shepherds, Cooper and Austin thanks to your wonderful product!


I and my friends are amazed! Love this product!!!


I received my order on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday evening my less-than-ten-week-old chocolate Lab was ringing the bells to be let out! I knew she was already housebroken, however, I just could not decipher her wanting to play signal vs. her want-to-go-out signal. The bells solved the problem in one day. THANKS!!!

Happy Fur Friend

I get to go outside fast! No more waiting for mom to notice me doing my peepee dance at the door - :)
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