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Poochie-Pets is proud of our family of industry professionals (breeders, trainers, daycare and veterinarians) that refer their clients to the trusted and original name in potty training doorbells, PoochieBells.

Coupon Affiliates:

Designed for professionals who are in direct contact with their clients allowing them to hand out coupons. Your referrals are tracked with a custom coupon code. Referrals receive FREE standard shipping while you receive $2.00 per PoochieBells® purchased. (Rebate accrual can be used towards product or cash)

Website Affiliates:

Designed for those who would like to place PoochieBells® specific artwork on their website that will link directly to the PoochieBells® website. The associated traffic is traced with a custom link and your referrals receive FREE standard shipping while you receive 10% back in rebate. (Rebate accrual can be used towards product or cash)
*More than 15 graphic or logo ad designs to choose from!

Wholesale Affiliates:

Wholesale pricing is available to those professionals who would like to purchase PoochieBells® to resell. (minimum $100 per order)


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  • To get started, fill out and submit the basic information below about yourself, email us at cheryl@poochie-pets.net or simply call us at 860-408-9003.


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Welcome to your affiliate area.

Here you can find information about your affiliate link and earnings.

Your Unique Affiliate Link

[affiliates_affiliate_link url="http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/" /]

You can use this code to embed your affiliate link as text:

<a href="[affiliates_affiliate_link url="http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/" /]">PoochieBells®</a>
Tip: You can change the text PoochieBells® to something more descriptive if you like, be creative!

Promote Referral Sales by Sharing Your Unique Link or Coupon

Any time your unique coupon is applied to a purchase, you will receive referral credit for the sale and your referral will receive free shipping. You can include a statement to your viewers to use your unique free shipping coupon when purchasing on Poochie-Pets.net so that you are credited for their referral even if they do not use your direct link.

How Do I Make An Affiliate Text Link?

Let’s say your unique free shipping coupon code is “awesomeaffiliate“. In this example the coupon is built into your unique link, and is being stated to the viewer. The customer can choose to click your link (opened in a new tab) or take note of the code and use it later at checkout. Either method, when they choose to purchase you will receive referral credit on their purchase value.

Enjoy <a href=”[affiliates_affiliate_link url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/” /]” target=”_blank”>FREE Shipping</a> on your order
of PoochieBells or any Poochie-Pets products when you use the coupon code: <b>awesomeaffiliate</b>

The code above renders a link that looks like this:
Enjoy FREE Shipping on your order of PoochieBells® or any Poochie-Pets products when you use the coupon code: awesomeaffiliate.

Using an Ad image with automatic coupon applied on click-through

Here your unique free shipping coupon is built into a clickable ad image link:

[affiliates_affiliate_link url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/” attachment_id=”3212″ render=”code” img_alt=”PoochieBells® The Best in Dog Potty Training Doorbells”/]


Looks like this:
[affiliates_affiliate_link url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/” attachment_id=”3212″/]


At the bottom of this page you will find a selection of ads to choose from. Each will have its code displayed for easy copy and pasting. These codes are uniquely yours to use.

Unique Coupon Codes

A unique coupon code for Free Shipping can be issued to you as a registered affiliate. A Coupon Code allows you to share your affiliation perk of Free Shipping for your shoppers without needing to paste a bulky link. This is especially helpful in social network sharing and email signatures. let your visitors know that they receive free shipping when using your unique code at checkout, and you will still receive your 10% affiliate credit when they shop!

To have a Coupon Code created for you please choose the code word you’d like it to be and we will email you a confirmation that it is in effect. Please email your choice to admin@poochie-pets.net .

Your Earnings

Commissions pending payment

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Commissions paid

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Number of sales referred

• Accepted referrals pending payment: [affiliates_referrals status=”accepted”]

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Ad Selections

Our ads are designed to stay updated with imagery from season to season. Although you CAN save the ad image and upload it to your webspace, it may be beneficial for you to use the hotlinked coding below instead.  When your ad is hotlinked in this way you will always have the most current ad displaying on your space.  (eg. any size ad placed on your site during a summer theme will automatically update itself to a holiday theme when appropriate without needing to alter the ad or ad codes) When we update the ad, your placed ads will update too!

Choose an Ad, and Copy/Paste to your site page

Simply copy the code snippet that is shown below or beside the ad of your choice and paste into the html of your page. These are customized with your unique affiliate ID.

[affiliates_banner id=”12099″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12136″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12139″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12144″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12147″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12150″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12153″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12156″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12159″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12162″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12165″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12168″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12171″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

[affiliates_banner id=”12174″ url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/”]

PoochieBells® large logo
[affiliates_affiliate_link url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/” attachment_id=”3211″ img_alt=”PoochieBells® The Best in Dog Potty Training Doorbells” render=”code”/]
Poochie-Pets large logo
[affiliates_affiliate_link url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/” attachment_id=”3213″ img_alt=”PoochieBells® The Best in Dog Potty Training Doorbells” render=”code”/]
PoochieBells® small logo
[affiliates_affiliate_link url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/” attachment_id=”3210″ img_alt=”PoochieBells® The Best in Dog Potty Training Doorbells” render=”code”/]
Poochie-Pets small logo
[affiliates_affiliate_link url=”http://poochie-pets.net/sh1p/” attachment_id=”3212″ img_alt=”PoochieBells® The Best in Dog Potty Training Doorbells” render=”code”/]