Our 12th Anniversary Poochie Love Story

Your dog makes you a better person™
and this month we recognize

It is a theme that is fitting for both Valentine’s Day and our 12th year anniversary here at Poochie-Pets, which was founded on this day in 2005.

12 years ago what started out as a need to communicate with my family dog began its evolution into a business that now employs 10 amazing souls, supports over 3,000 stores, connects to hundreds of vendors and consumes most of my attention every day. I look back over the last decade of this evolution from a single invention; PoochieBells®, to the drive to create a product line to enhance the lives of dog families everywhere.

I am frequently asked: “what is it like to start, grow and live the world of a business owner and entrepreneur, what are your take-aways?”.  Poochie-Pets started as a dream and fun discussion on a car ride home from a friend’s home with my family. Recognizing we needed to quickly figure out how to better communicate with our dog at potty time, evolved into a handcrafted product (originally made in our home’s basement), team of people and company that has created a product segment in the pet industry. Now, Poochie-Pets is driving forward to evolve into a thriving full line pet product company.

Personally, this company has brought excitement, fear, stress, happiness, self-reflection, drive, and tears along with laughs, travel, connections, failures and success. Most of all, though, Poochie-Pets has brought me incredible LOVE.

I love knowing that families everywhere that use our products find that they enhance the relationship between them and their dog. I love that I surround myself with a team that is passionate about what they do and believe in our company. I love that I can continually learn, face challenges and grow. I love that I have given my children an example of how to believe in your dreams and pursue, take risks, challenge yourself. I love that my family and friends constantly rally around me and support my vision, both highs and lows, I love that I have found the most amazing people in my life through this company.

Most of all, though, I love that this small little company was started out of the love within my family and our then, new dog: Oscar. That love and desire to make our lives better by communicating with him created a vision within me and I am so very thankful.

Happy Anniversary Team Poochie-Pets!

PoochieBells® Rings in Ten Year Anniversary

PoochieBells® Rings in Ten Year Anniversary

-Valentine’s Day marks milestone for housetraining dog doorbell.-


January 12, 2015 – Simsbury, CT –  What began ten years ago as a solution to stop her puppy’s accidents, PoochieBells® designer, Cheryl Pedersen, started a dog doorbell company by introducing her creation to the marketplace. Eventually, PoochieBells would pave the way for a bell product in the dog training category where there once was none. To commemorate Poochie-Pets’ ten-year anniversary, the company will be offering various promotions throughout 2015, introducing new products, and holding an open house in the spring.


“We wish to thank all of our customers, vendors, sales team and the media for helping our company reach this milestone.” Cheryl Pedersen said, “Through the years, we’ve established great relationships with our clients, many of whom have been selling PoochieBells® from the start. We are grateful for their loyalty.”


Handcrafted in Simsbury, CT using USA custom-made, lead-free metal components, PoochieBells® are made to hang inside the house on a doorknob or hook by the door. The original version measures 26″ long and contains two sets of strategically-placed bells enabling the dog to access the doorbell using their nose or paw. This month, Poochie-Pets introduced a longer version of PoochieBells®, containing one set of smaller, custom bells to accommodate timid dogs and teacup breeds. Made ten years ago exclusively of grosgrain ribbon patterns, styles and materials have expanded over the years with the addition of bamboo webbing, leather, custom patterns, and a newly-added breed-specific Paper Llamas’ designed PoochieBells®. By following the recommended three-step training process included with each doorbell, the dog learns to ring PoochieBells®, communicating with their owner it is time to be let out.


Established in 2005, Poochie-Pets of Simsbury, CT introduced PoochieBells® house-training doorbells as a means to stop dog accidents in the home. Since then, the company has expanded their dog-themed offering to include Live in Dog Years™, a gift line of people products with canine sentiments, and pet peeve solutions including 3Sixty Fun pet leash tie-out, dry and wet sponges, and to-go Pet Towel™. In 2014, the company reintroduced their Saving Spot “spotting pooches in need” donation program whereby the company provides nonprofit organizations dedicated to saving dogs with new nylon dog leashes. http://poochie-pets.net


For more information, images or product samples contact Dianne Howles at Poochie-Pets, LLC 860‑408-9003 or dhowles@poochie-pets.net. http://poochie-pets.net


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Date: January 12, 2015
Media Contact: Dianne Howles
Telephone number: 860-408-9003
Fax number: 419-821-6363
E-mail address: dhowles@poochie-pets.net