September 2016 PoochieStar Videos

A lil yoga S-t-r-r-e-t-c-h while he’s at it!

Banjo the Mini Golden-Doodle, knows how to multitask. You can find him on Instagram @banjo.minigoldendoodle.

Just an FYI, my husband and I are SO HAPPY we found PoochieBells! We were struggling with potty training and a friend of ours mentioned trying the bell…I found it at our local pet store here in Des Moines, IA. We started using the bells on a Thursday and by the following Tuesday, Banjo was 100% housebroken and hitting his bell each and every time he needed to go outside (along with his sweet little yoga pose/stretch!)

THANK YOU for helping us make housebreaking a breeze!

The Thompson Family

Hi Poochie-Pets,

I have attached the video below. We just love our bells and think it is the best invention ever!!

Thank you,
The McAtee Family

(the hoomans behind: @gundersonthepug @sernathepug)

Congratulations to Our Newest PoochieStar, Gunner!

Meet Gunner! The November 2015 PoochieBells Star

We met Gunner’s mom, Cyndi, over Instagram, and you can see why he was the perfect pooch to serve as our November PoochieStar! She shared a bit about him with us:

Meet Gunner, our loving and lazy French Bulldog. Gunner was born June 7, 2014, and from the first time we saw him when he was just a few days old, we knew he was destined to be ours. Even though he was the runt of the litter there was something special about him.

gunner_squareWe adopted him and brought him to his forever home in August. He instantly became part of the family. We quickly learned that the way to his heart was through his stomach. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for a treat. Gunner has proven to be a very smart dog (and not at all stubborn). He picked up the concept of the PoochieBells® within days, which made our lives as new puppy parents so much easier. It was also a fun way for our three kids to learn when he needed to go out. I work from home so it makes it very easy for me to know when he needs a “break” too. We still use them and truly don’t know what we would do without them.

Over this last year Gunner has gotten into his fair share of puppy trouble; eating trash, escaping from his crate like Houdini, tearing toys to shreds (there isn’t a toy out there that this dog can’t destroy). And through all of this, not one “accident” thanks to PoochieBells®!

Like most kids he plays and naps hard, and eats a lot.  He is loving, gentle, fun, and a bit goofy at times. He loves to chase the kids and wrestle, but always knows when he’s being too rough. He loves to play ball and Frisbee (when he’s not destroying them). He likes to go for walks, meet new people (as long as it’s not the vet), and he loves to lick people’s feet (it’s an unhealthy obsession). He is a family man and likes to eat dinner with everyone every night; he’s the only dog I know that will save his food until we all sit down to eat together. But his most favorite thing to do is to snuggle. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog; he completes our family perfectly and we all adore him. We welcome you to follow his adventures on Instagram @gunnerx_thefrenchie.”

Do you have a PoochieBells® Star? Share their story with us! We’d love to hear from you.

Australian Labradoodles Love PoochieBells!

Labradoodles Love PoochieBells | Poochie-Pets

Many trainers love how easy and effective PoochieBells are in house-training their dogs. Breeder and trainer Kendra Vestal, owner of Noble Vestal in Noblesville, Indiana, trains all of her Australian Labradoodles on PoochieBells. Poochie-Pets interviewed her to get the scoop on her great company, her chosen breed and training techniques.

Passion, Love and Doodles

Kendra has been breeding and training Australian Labradoodles for twelve years, and loves it. Her journey began when she started volunteering in schools through her corporate job. She realized community-work was what she really wanted to do—and she wanted to bring her love of dogs into it too! She settled on raising Australian Labradoodles, a breed that loves people and would do well working in the community. Kendra continues her volunteer work with therapy dogs, serving kids and adults in libraries, hospitals and nursing homes.

What Kendra enjoys most about her job is the puppies and the people in the Doodle community. She thinks it is a special kind of person who gets an Australian Labradoodle. Noble Vestal hosts get-togethers for their families once a month, as long as the weather is good, which is touch-and-go in Indiana! The get-togethers give families the chance to share their experiences and gain perspectives on their dogs and the breed as a whole.

It’s a Doodle’s Life

Australian Labradoodles are not low-maintenance dogs. Though they don’t shed, they need grooming every other day. However they are great companion dogs—most will sit and hold down the sofa with you, but if they do not get any exercise, they will become spazzy – just like most dogs! Training them is easy, but not magical—you have to put the time in. “We start training very early on,” says Kendra. “We think of training as blueprinting—making the behaviors become second nature for the dog, kind of like kids who grow up learning French from birth rather than just in school.” There is a great motivator to train this breed early on: imprinting desired behaviors while they are puppies will better guarantee that these manners stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Right now, Noble Vestal is training a group of their puppies in basic obedience, an extra service Nobel Vestal Labradoodle families can opt for. The pups are taught potty communication with PoochieBells, walking on a leash, leaving food alone, sitting, and so on. Families attend sessions with their puppies so they know how to continue training at home.

“For house-training, we teach them to ring PoochieBells when they need to go outside. We are so relieved we found this method! Before, I had trained my own Rottweilers the hard way and ran into so many problems—how can you train a dog to go outside when you take him after he’s already peed? I found bell-training was a more natural way to teach our puppies. Since we started using PoochieBells with our first litter of Australian Labradoodles, we’ve never gone back. Doodles are easy to train on the bells. They tend to mimic what gets them what they want, and if they want outside, they’ll use the bells every time.”

House-Training 101

According to Kendra, space and freedom is the enemy of potty-training. “During house-training, we put our puppies in a crate or pen, or leashed to us so they are always within eyeshot. Keeping them close to you helps them be successful. You always see what they are doing. I recommend setting a timer if your puppy doesn’t ring the bells in regular intervals. Then you can take them out and demonstrate ringing the bells so your puppy understands what it means. Taking your puppy out yourself while you are house-training them also helps, because you can make sure your puppy goes, and reward him or her afterwards. In the Midwest, people do not necessarily have this habit, though it is more common in cities.”

“When we work with families, not all puppies will be fully house-trained. Usually families get their puppies when they are 16 weeks old. But as long as the family continues the PoochieBells training, the puppies pick it right back up in their new home. Our families are relieved that we start the process of house-breaking for them—it makes it that much easier and cleaner for them!”

Learn more about Kendra and her Australian Labradoodles on her website, or visit them on Facebook.

Troubleshooting Your PoochieBells Training

Troubleshooting Your PoochieBells Training | Poochie-Pets

As with all new lessons, there may be some hiccups along the way in PoochieBells training. Here is some advice on how to handle first-timer stumbling blocks:

1) My dog is afraid/hesitant to ring PoochieBells

Though we intended our original classic PoochieBells to be just the right size for any four-legged friend to use, and loud enough to be heard throughout the average home, there are some dogs that can be hesitant to approach PoochieBells. Many of our customers have noticed their tiny dog breeds or adopted rescue dogs acting scared of the bells’ sound. We have addressed this problem with a different type of PoochieBells, the Extra Long set that are 2″ longer and hang just one set of slightly smaller bells instead of the typical two. The smaller bells have a quieter sound, and the longer size makes it easy for tiny dog breeds to reach the bells in order to ring them.

2) My dog loves PoochieBells and rings it all the time—help!

First, congratulations on conditioning your pooch to understand PoochieBells! Now it’s time to reinforce what are appropriate bell-ringing occasions. Here are our two steps to success: 1) Make sure you are just expressing joy and giving no treats when your pooch rings—otherwise who wouldn’t ring for treats! When your dog rings, keep it casual with a “good dog!” and simply let him or her out the door. 2) When your dog rings again within an unreasonable time frame (meaning there is no way s/he needs to potty again), ignore it. Only acknowledge the bells when you are fairly sure he or she is asking to be let out. Eventually the excitement of this new communication channel will settle down once it becomes routine. In a nutshell, respond when appropriate.

3) My dog rings PoochieBells with his paws and now my door is scratched

We made a solution for this ourselves. Check out our PoochieGuard product—a clear adhesive film that goes right on the door (not wallpaper though!) and provides a lightweight protective film for claws. Also you may want to try hanging your PoochieBells next to the door on a small hook. It’s much easier to touch up a wall periodically.

Do you have any tips for training with PoochieBells to share? Leave a comment!

Meet Our PoochieBells® Star: Beau

Meet Beau, Our PoochieBells® Star!

“We adopted Beau, our Long Hair Chihuahua, when he was 4 ½ months old. He had no training that we could see. His “big sister” Bella, a Maltese, was 3 and fully house-trained. We learned of PoochieBells® and purchased a set. When Beau first nosed them, we responded immediately and took him outside. It only took once!  He now uses his PoochieBells® whenever he needs to go out, including just before 7 a.m. every day. We are retired and have the privilege of sleeping in these days, except for the favor of the PoochieBells!  

We are training Bella to use the bells too.  However she has decided that since Beau can do it for her, why bother?  Now if we can only figure a way to change Beau’s internal alarm clock, we will have real retirement!  Beau and Bella are a joy to us as well as are our two rescue cats, Mokka and Toffi, who are brothers.  Bella, Beau, Mokka and Toffi are great friends and love to chase each other and play with each other’s toys.  We love all four of our babies!  We also love our PoochieBells® and have purchased several other sets of them for holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and we have recommended them to our friends and family. What a great product and a great company!”

Perry Walinski


A PoochieBells Wacky Wednesday – Happy April 1st!


Meet Aiden, the super cute 8-year old grandson of one of our Poochie-Pets team members. I wanted to share this picture with our Poochie family as it truly makes me smile each time I take a peek. The happiness and purity radiated by this wonderful boy getting ready for his Wacky Wednesday celebration at 2nd grade class brings back so many memories of raising my two now grown children. Further looking at the picture, I love that PoochieBells casually hang in the background, ready and waiting to jingle when that door opens and Aiden bounds out the door on his way to school.  Of course they are there for the family pooch, Roxy, to communicate his potty needs. However, this picture reveals that PoochieBells becomes a part of the fabric of a family- whether or not the pooch wants to go out!

We love being in homes, right there next to life’s everyday wackiness 🙂  Thank you to Rhonda for allowing us to share this wonderful picture.

Ringing Bells at the Bevin Bros Manufacturing

As part of our ten year anniversary celebration, our Poochie team has various activities, contests and field trips planned (who doesn’t like field trips?).  All of these mini-celebrations are centered around the workmanship of our flagship product, PoochieBells. This month we were very excited to take a field trip to the Bevin Bros. Manufacturing Company , who happens to be the only bell manufacturer in North America. They have been in business since 1832, and we feel fortunate to have our bells crafted by them. This trip was particularly exciting as we finally got to put a face to the voices of the many people we’ve spoken with over the past ten years. We were also intrigued to see how our bells are created for us.

PoochieBells’ bells are unique in that they are specifically molded for our (and your dog’s) needs, with super smooth outsides, small openings, the perfect jingle, and of course our signature paw print. How in the world are these fantastic bells created?

Poochie-Pets visits Bevin bellmakers Collage

Well, our team of ten drove over to East Hampton, CT (AKA “Bell Town”) and started our tour. Greeted by the Bevin team, we were given safety glasses and escorted on our foot tour of their facility.  Cheryl-Bevin-BrothersRolled sheets of steel were magically transformed and fed into monster machines, crunched, polished, hand-attached to metal rings and finally boxed for their journey to our factory.  The evolution of raw goods into our fantastic PoochieBells’ bells was fascinating! Each step in the process to create each bell was supervised by a person… yes, a person dedicated to the craftsmanship of PoochieBells. Our factory works the same exact way – all of our PoochieBells are created and finished by hand. Proudly USA made.

We send a huge thank you to the team at Bevin Bros. Manufacturing and their leader, Matt Bevin, for their hospitality, craftsmanship & pride in their products. We look forward to another ten years of working together!

Making Every Day a Good Dog Day

Girl smiling at her dog. Poochie-Pets: Making Every Day a Good Dog Day!

A Good Dog Day at Poochie-Pets Central

The PoochiePets Team recently regrouped to discuss our half-way point in the year.  Beside a fabulous reason to share some eats together, we discovered our need to create a tag line for our expanding line of products by Poochie-Pets. We asked ourselves, PoochieBells®, Live in Dog Years™ and our creative line of functional must haves such as the 3SixtyFun, all represent what to our fantastic dog families out there?  Our family of retailers range from pet, hardware and home & garden stores to hospital gift shops AND on-line storefronts. What is the one common element they all share with their dog passionate shoppers? What is it that our products help them achieve?  In other words, what is Our ‘Vibe’?

Well, our discussion paid off. We found Our Vibe! Our team, and Gibby the office manager, are proud to introduce our new tag line for the Poochie-Pets name and line of branded products:

Poochie-Pets Logo

Making Every Day A Good Dog Day

Making Every Day a Good Dog Day

Let us know what you think about our new direction. We always value input from our customers and friends. Thanks!

Pooch Inspiration | Dog Quote

Doris Day Dog Quote


We can’t help but agree with this fellow dog lover, Doris Day.

Dog Quote: I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from silent, devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source. – Doris Day

Doris Day (born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff; April 3, 1922) is an American actress, singer, and animal rights activist.Day began her career as a big band singer in 1939. Her popularity began to rise after her first hit recording, “Sentimental Journey”, in 1945. After leaving Les Brown & His Band of Renown to try a solo career, she started her long-lasting partnership with Columbia Records, which would remain her only recording label. The contract lasted from 1947 to 1967, and included more than 650 recordings, making Day one of the most popular and acclaimed singers of the 20th century. In 1948, after being persuaded by Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne and her agent at the time, Al Levy, she auditioned for Michael Curtiz, which led to her being cast as the female lead in Romance on the High Seas.Over the course of her career, Day appeared in 39 films.She was ranked the biggest box-office star, the only woman on that list, for four years (1960, 1962, 1963 and 1964) ranking in the top 10 for ten years (1951–1952 and 1959–1966). She became the top-ranking female box-office star of all time and is currently ranked sixth among the top 10 box office performers (~~~~ and female), as of 2012. She received an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Pillow Talk, won three Henrietta Awards (World Film Favorite), received the Los Angeles Film Critics Association’s Career Achievement Award and, in 1989, received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures. Day made her last film in 1968.

Day has released 31 albums, and her songs have spent a total of 460 weeks in the Top 40 charts. She has been awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and a Legend Award from the Society of Singers. In 2011, she released her 29th studio album, My Heart, which debuted at No. 9 on the UK Top 40 charts. As of January 2014, Day is the oldest living artist to score a UK Top 10 with an album featuring new material.

PoochieBells® Star: Chase!

Meet Our New PoochieBells® Star “Chase”

Congratulations Chase & Henry, From Your Friends at Poochie-Pets

Chase is a rescue dog. He took awhile to use the poochieBells but he learned to use them for the purpose intended.


Is your pet a PoochieBells Star? Tell us about it and your pet could be featured on our website and Facebook Page, too!

Our Past PoochieStars

Grover-FBblock Koda - PoochieStar Baci - PoochieStar


Poochie-Pets Unleashes New Bamboo PoochieBells®

Poochie-Pets Unleashes New Bamboo PoochieBells® Line

Sturdy and stylish housetraining dog doorbells solve potty problems

February 26, 2014 – Simsbury, CT. Introduced as an alternative to the original grosgrain fabric, Poochie-Pets announced today that they have expanded and updated their line of earth-tone bamboo PoochieBells® dog doorbells. Made at their Simsbury factory with custom, USA-made, lead-free metal bells, the new line of bamboo PoochieBells are available in artichoke green, mustard, pewter gray, ruby red, seafoarm, and wheat.

PBs-BambooVirtually indestructible, eco-friendly bamboo PoochieBells will hold up to the most rambunctious, chew-happy puppy. Measuring approximately 26″ long, easy-to-follow training instructions are included with all PoochieBells. MSRP: $24.95

Created and introduced in 2005, PoochieBells is a problem-solving, housebreaking doorbell communications tool that dogs are trained to ring when they need to be let out at potty time. Since its introduction, the company has expanded its line of problem-solving, lifestyle dog and people products. Visit Global Booth: 941

About Poochie-Pets, LLC:

Established in 2005, Poochie-Pets is committed to making quality tools that bridge the communication gap between owner and pooch, as well as offering unique products for people passionate about their dogs. The company has evolved since first introducing PoochieBells® housetraining dog doorbells and currently offers lifestyle and functional products for dogs and owners alike. PoochieBells, dog collars and leashes are quality handcrafted at their Simsbury facility. In 2012, the company launched Saving Spot Buy One, Give One, a community-minded donation program, benefiting nonprofit organizations dedicated to the welfare of dogs. With a team of professionals dedicated to providing exceptional service and innovative products, Poochie-Pets represents owner and family dog.

For more information, images or product samples contact Dianne Howles at Poochie-Pets, LLC

860‑408-9003 or

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February 26,2014
Contact: Dianne Howles
Poochie‐Pets, LLC
(860) 408‐9003