September 2016 PoochieStar Videos

A lil yoga S-t-r-r-e-t-c-h while he’s at it!

Banjo the Mini Golden-Doodle, knows how to multitask. You can find him on Instagram @banjo.minigoldendoodle.

Just an FYI, my husband and I are SO HAPPY we found PoochieBells! We were struggling with potty training and a friend of ours mentioned trying the bell…I found it at our local pet store here in Des Moines, IA. We started using the bells on a Thursday and by the following Tuesday, Banjo was 100% housebroken and hitting his bell each and every time he needed to go outside (along with his sweet little yoga pose/stretch!)

THANK YOU for helping us make housebreaking a breeze!

The Thompson Family

Hi Poochie-Pets,

I have attached the video below. We just love our bells and think it is the best invention ever!!

Thank you,
The McAtee Family

(the hoomans behind: @gundersonthepug @sernathepug)

Ringing Bells at the Bevin Bros Manufacturing

As part of our ten year anniversary celebration, our Poochie team has various activities, contests and field trips planned (who doesn’t like field trips?).  All of these mini-celebrations are centered around the workmanship of our flagship product, PoochieBells. This month we were very excited to take a field trip to the Bevin Bros. Manufacturing Company , who happens to be the only bell manufacturer in North America. They have been in business since 1832, and we feel fortunate to have our bells crafted by them. This trip was particularly exciting as we finally got to put a face to the voices of the many people we’ve spoken with over the past ten years. We were also intrigued to see how our bells are created for us.

PoochieBells’ bells are unique in that they are specifically molded for our (and your dog’s) needs, with super smooth outsides, small openings, the perfect jingle, and of course our signature paw print. How in the world are these fantastic bells created?

Poochie-Pets visits Bevin bellmakers Collage

Well, our team of ten drove over to East Hampton, CT (AKA “Bell Town”) and started our tour. Greeted by the Bevin team, we were given safety glasses and escorted on our foot tour of their facility.  Cheryl-Bevin-BrothersRolled sheets of steel were magically transformed and fed into monster machines, crunched, polished, hand-attached to metal rings and finally boxed for their journey to our factory.  The evolution of raw goods into our fantastic PoochieBells’ bells was fascinating! Each step in the process to create each bell was supervised by a person… yes, a person dedicated to the craftsmanship of PoochieBells. Our factory works the same exact way – all of our PoochieBells are created and finished by hand. Proudly USA made.

We send a huge thank you to the team at Bevin Bros. Manufacturing and their leader, Matt Bevin, for their hospitality, craftsmanship & pride in their products. We look forward to another ten years of working together!