Happy 11th Anniversary Poochie-Pets!

Once upon a time there was a dog named Oscar. Each day he would sit by the door and hope that someone in his family would recognize he needed to go out. He would sit patiently and wait each day. As the story goes, after much waiting he was able to finally relay to me that he needed a tool rather than a wait. Hence, PoochieBells was born eleven years ago TODAY.

I now clearly see how Oscar has made me a better person. Recognizing the need that other dog families may have, I took a risk and started Poochie-Pets. The evolution of Poochie-Pets as a company has made my world richer with the incredible people I proudly call the Poochie Family, our amazing team, customers, retailers, industry peers, reps, vendors and distributors. Thank you Oscar, my sweet valentine.

Happy 11th Anniversary Poochie-Pets!



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