A Mature Aunt and Her Puppy Niece: A PoochieLife Story

Aunt and Niece | A PoochieLife Story
PoochieLife Reason #331
“My dogs trusts me to take care of them, reminds me of constant faith in one another.”

Christina joined our PoochieLife community and shared her story about her two labs Kona and Willow, who are actually related to each other. Her two girls make Christina a better person by showing their constant faith in her that she will keep them healthy and happy.

“My two lab girls Kona and Willow wait for me to come down in the morning to feed them and take them out, but they’re in no rush—they know I’m going to take care of them. They never seem to be anxious about anything, and are ready to follow my lead when I take them out for their walk in the morning. They count on me to keep them safe on the road. To me it’s just the everyday things I take for granted—of course I’m not going to let anything happen to my girls—but their constant faith reassures me and makes me think how good life would be if we could all trust each other in the same way.”

Christina also shared with us about Kona and Willow’s daily life, and how she came to be pooch parent to this aunt and niece:

“I’ve always had labs. Kona has been with us for five years now. She came from a Connecticut breeder, and we trained her early and carefully.  She has a great disposition and is a pretty smart gal. We just recently got our puppy Willow from the same breeder when my daughter left for college. Willow is actually the grand niece of Kona; the older dog teaches her a lot and they just love each other.

Kona and Willow are big hockey fans; we take them to all of my kids’ hockey games. They also have quite a few dog friends in our neighborhood; playdates and some dog sitting are part of our weekly routine. Every morning we walk with my friend and her chocolate lab who is good friends with Kona and Willow.”

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