A Tribute to Our Mascot: In Memory of Oscar

A Tribute to Our Mascot | Poochie-Pets

As many of us believe, our lives are a series of encounters with souls that enhance our lives. Oscar, our furry four-legged soul, entered my family’s life for a brief time, yet so beautifully; his legacy will live on in our hearts as well as in the hearts of dog homes everywhere. We shared many moments of happiness, laughter, amazement and love together with him.

His tenacious Cairn Terrier personality led to the evolution of PoochieBells as it is today. Somewhat patiently he would wait by the door for someone to let him out…which led me to look for a way for him to clearly communicate with his family instead of sitting silent when in need.

Oscar would be proud to know that his legacy has helped over one million dog families throughout the US and abroad to communicate at potty time. I am thankful to share his story, his legacy each day with an amazing team who handcrafts each PoochieBell in his honor as if it were to be placed in their own homes.

Such a big soul in a small package…my family feels blessed to have shared every moment with him and will always keep him close to our hearts.

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