Because of Bean: A PoochieLife Story

Because of Bean | A PoochieLife Story
PoochieLife Reason #220
“Bean helps me to be a better, more patient, loving, and giving person. I truly try to be the person she thinks I am!”


Bryn, part of our PoochieLife community, recently shared her story with us about her Boston Terrier, Bean, who opened doors and made Bryn’s life that much sweeter.

Because of Bean | A PoochieLife Story“Bean joined us as a squirmy four-pound puppy from the land of New Hampshire about a year after my husband and I got married. She is now seven and a half. Bean goes right for the face—she is an extreme love bug and snuggles a large amount. Bringing Bean into our lives changed how we lived. We had to be more mindful of our schedule; we had to learn how to hone our awareness to her needs. We brought her with us everywhere we could to introduce her to new things and meet new people.

Having Bean broadened our horizons and grew us as people. We became more conscientious and looked for ways to give back. I began to take an obsessive amount of pictures of Bean, and we became famous instagrammers. After entering and winning many contests, we decided to start giving all our prizes to shelters. Since we’ve been on Instagram, we have won $6,800 worth of food, treats, toys and grants. Right now, Bean and our other sweet Boston Terrier, Yoda, are going through training to be service dogs. Bean and Yoda both have become a huge part of our lives, as you can probably see by our blog, containing our two passions (dogs and beer), some funny photos and training insights. It is amazing how our travels and experiences have expanded because of Bean.”

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