Live In Dog Years: Play Nicely

Dogs playing tug-o-war | Play Nicely | Live InDog Years™

My recent routine visit to the dog park with my pack of dogs highlighted the innate way our domesticated friends play nicely.  After our most exciting welcome to the group, each of my three dogs all varying in size and personality, played splendidly with their friends. Watching the varying degrees of “niceness” between the pooches reminded […]

Live in Dog Years: Inside an “Outside the Box” Moment

Live in Dog Years ™ Think Outside the Box | Poochie-Pets

Inside an “Outside the Box” Moment Our family dog Wilson (aka “Fish Sticks” due to his reoccurring, uncanny fish-like smell we call Eau De Wilson), offered up a Live in Dog Years moment recently. As I looked in my rear view mirror a few weeks ago on my way to Poochie-Bells, I found handsome Willy […]

PoochieBells Retailers, From Our Home to Yours!

PoochieBells® Expo Display

Ever wonder how our pooch product line reaches your favorite pet retailer, website or catalog? Poochie-Pets and PoochieBells retailers come in about as many styles as our PoochieBells!  And our products find their way to local and international retailers, website, and catalogs in a variety of ways too. We have a hard-working internal sales team, […]

Live in Dog Years: Swim With Sharks

Live in Dog Years™ Swim With Sharks

Live In Dog Years Moment Swim with Sharks: Our Live in Dog Years message for this week, in honor of Discovery Channel’s Annual Shark Week now in progress. My first thought about this theme was “YIKES! Sharks! Not a very positive message to be putting out there.”  However, after a few cups of morning java, […]

PoochieBells® Star Magnus Dux: His Story & Song

PoochieBells Star: Magnus

The best part about our business is the feedback we receive from our customers. We love to hear their success stories, and enjoy getting to share in their pride in their pooch!  We had to pass along the story Magnus’ human shared with us, and not just because he is so darn cute. His human […]

Live in Dog Years: Love Unconditionally

Love Unconditionally " Live In Dog Years by Poochie-Pets

“Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again. You make me feel like I am young again. You make me feel like I am fun again. However far away, I will always love you.”  Love Song – performed by The Cure & Adele Love is my favorite shared emotion […]

A Poochie-Pets Quest for Organizational Bliss

Organization With A Wag! Cartoon Office | Poochie-Pets Dog Bone-Shaped Magnetic Boards

As the beginning of school approaches each year, I promise myself that I will finally unearth my unbelievable organizational skills to manage the family schedule.  So far in my 40+ years, these unbelievable skills have yet to appear – hence the word unbelievable. However, this year, I am hopeful. Over the past few months, I […]