Experience the PoochieLife: Love & Be Loved

Experience the PoochieLife_LoveandbeLoved_2_25_16

Loving on their humans is part of our pooches’ daily routine. They always seem to be ready to give kisses, paws, noses and snuggles ― their enthusiasm knows no bounds! The affection we share with our dogs is more than just sweet gestures. Petting our pooches and showing love is an important way of communicating that we care. Below […]

Goofball Gibby: A PoochieLife Story

Goofball Gibby | Poochielife

PoochieLife Reason #516 “My dog doesn’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow; enjoy the present moment or you will miss out on the now.” Cheryl Cheryl, founder of Poochie-Pets and the PoochieLife community, shared her story about her very snuggly pug, Gibby, who makes her a better person by drawing her into the present moment and […]