PoochieLife Reason #228

“Duke was a left over Doberman show dog no one would buy due to a minor birth defect. He'd been penned up for 6 months. Now he weighs 102 pounds and loves to run and "walk us." He's keeping us active and making our lives so fun! So handsome too!”

& Duke

The Sympathetic Allergist: A PoochieLife Story

Sympathetic Allergist | A PoochieLife Story

PoochieLife Reason #527 My dog has taught me how to forgive and forget. No matter how busy I get, he’s always right beside me. Shawn   Shawn recently joined our PoochieLife community, sharing her story about her peculiar, lovable dog Heysea.  He makes her a better person by showing her unconditional love and forgiveness. “Heysea […]

Experience the PoochieLife: Take A Moment to Smell the Roses

Experience the #PoochieLife: Stop and Smell the Roses

We can learn a thing or two from our dogs’ love of the outdoors. They understand adventure is out there, and they want to jump straight into it. Our pooches will frolic in just about every element: sun, grass, mud, water, snow and even the woods. They inspire us to go outside, take better care […]