Cuddles with Grover: A PoochieLife Story

Cuddles with Grover: A PoochieLife Story
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“My dog makes me a better person with every cuddle he insists on having – even in my worst moods he brings out the love in me.

Grace, an active member of the PoochieLife community, shared her story about her adoring dog Grover, who makes her a better person with every cuddle session he insists on having.

“It’s hard to remember what my days were like before Grover, so I don’t bother trying to. He lights up the house with his antics and affections. He won’t let anyone suffer the solitude of sitting on the couch alone. No, no. He is happy to oblige, even sit ON you for company. It’s also impossible to go through a day without being cuddled on at least 4 or 5 occasions. Just passing in the kitchen is enough reason for him to stop you, hug your hips with his paws and insist on a little love sesh. I’ve come to adore those sporadic bits of love. Some days they strike at the very moment I most need a hug, and I scoop him up into a little waltzing, furry cuddle that only he and I can share. All better.

My bad or sad moods are never a road block for Grover. Without an ounce of conceit or agendas he pours out attention and love that melts me to pieces. Anger turns to history, and sadness becomes bearable. When he shoves his nose under my elbow as I’m working at my desk I hear him loud and clear saying ‘right now is the perfect time for a little break for love!’ and I relish those breaks.

Grover was a death row, last call, Animal Control puppy in Columbia, Georgia. One photo was all it took to convince me to jump on a plane, fly 1000 miles and open the doors of my life to him forever. My family always had dogs, of various kinds, furry sponges for all the love and tears and secrets we had throughout the years. I could see it, even in his quick snapshot behind bars, we’d be having conversations and heart to hearts for the foreseeable future. I still remember every detail of those two days it took to bring him home. He charmed the on-call vet, wobbled his way through our first walk (during which he stumbled off the curb and earned the name ‘Grover’ after the ever goofy Sesame Street character). That night he slept on the whitest-ever comforter at a 4-star hotel, where he must have surely looked like an angel when the front desk clerk met him; he got us a pass on the pet fees for our night! We took the red-eye the next morning, arriving home just as the awful ice storm that rocked the coast that year, was beginning. He flew without a peep. Puppy love at first sight, and my ‘love’ ever since.”

Cuddles with Grover: A PoochieLife Story

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