PoochieBells®, Dog Communication Win – Spotted Around Town

PoochieBells® spotted at Best In Show Pet Spa, dog groomer

Have you ever been out, away from home and been caught by surprise in seeing your own name, or photograph out in the world? Kind of fun and cool, isn’t it! That was the “Ooh, I made that!” moment we had at a local grooming shop this past week. Here at Poochie-Pets central we get to see, and be a part of all the dimensions of designing, producing and sending out thousands of PoochieBells® and nearly 10 years in, it is still an exciting and proud moment to see our products being used for dog communication in homes and businesses too!

At Best In Show Pet Spa, Jason the owner / groomer had picked up the PoochieBells® at a local pet supplies store mainly as a door chime that would fit right in with the welcoming, pooch-loving decor at his shop. Amongst the quirky movie quotes, paw printed walls and dog themed-everything, the bells add an equally bright ‘hello’ as you enter. As I entered with Mella for her first ever grooming she and I both recognized a very familiar sounding ‘ring, ring’. She’s well used to her PBells at home, and I must say I saw a bit of reassurance in her when she heard them.

PoochieBells® for Dog Communication at a Business? Not So Unusual

Dog Communication win with PoochieBells at Best In Show Pet Spa
This is Madiline, a smiling customer at Best In Show’s Door.
Do you think she recognizes the bells too?

Initially I thought it was a pretty unusual idea to have a dog potty training tool in use at a groomer. But it didn’t take long to see how it makes great sense; after all, we do recommend folks take their PoochieBells® with them whenever they travel. Why not expect our bell-trained pooches to continue to communicate with us for their potty needs wherever they can? The groomer’s bells were a different design than we’ve had at home, but little Mella recognized them none the less and put them to quick use. Win, for doggie communication! Mind you, Mella had no need for a potty break – she was just acting on an instinct to get outta dodge, so she was well rewarded by Jason’s quick cuddles as I left him to it.

It’s especially rewarding now to visit other dog-loving friends with my dogs and know that they can avoid embarrassing accidents.

Have you spotted PoochieBells® in use around your town?

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