Dogs and Halloween: Tips for Calming Your Pooch During Trick-or-Treating

Dogs and Halloween | Poochie-Pets

It’s about to be a spook-filled night of darling, clever, cute and scary costume-clad kids ringing your doorbell. While some pooches seem to handle the costume party well (such as this trio of tutu-ed pugs), not all pets will stay calm during Halloween activities. After all, it is only once a year that complete strangers come in droves to your front porch, make lots of noise and look completely out-of-the-ordinary. If your dog can’t handle the mailman, you may need to think ahead to help your buddy get through this overly-stimulating evening!

Pug in Costume | Dogs and HalloweenDogs and Candy Don’t Mix:

Don’t let your pooch find the candy! Leave your bowl of goodies in a secure place until the trick-or-treating starts. If you like keeping your treats by the front door, find a high table or stool to put it on rather than setting it on the floor.

Stay Inside:

Keep your pets indoors, closing the windows and curtains. Turn on the radio or T.V to distract from front door noises. If your pooch has to answer the call of nature, go outside with him or her on a leash for safety.

Plan for Early Exercise:

Walk your dog early before mobs of kids start touring your neighborhood. This will also expend your dog’s energy, so he or she will have less of it for getting excited over visitors. If your dog is crate-trained, putting her or him in their crate after the walk can help settle them down for the night.


Not all pets enjoy a great costume party. Don’t force your pet to wear something he or she finds uncomfortable and constricting. If your dog regularly wears a sweater during winter or other warm gear, he or she is more likely to be comfortable with dressing up. If your dog has never worn anything besides his own fur, try starting small with a festive bandana. And if your pooch is good-to-go for dress up, you may want to do it yourself rather than let the kids have at it.

How do you and your dog spend Halloween? If you have a picture of your pooch in costume, share it below!

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