Dogs Can Be Pretty Sloppy: Our Dog Sponges Are A Great Way to Clean Up!

Sloppy Dog Sponges | Pet Peeves Solved by Poochie-Pets

While we all love our dogs, the fact is: they can be pretty sloppy!

You’ve got your vigorous water drinkers, your mud-happy splashers, your drippy slobberers, all intent on never letting the floor see a clean day. We designed our bone-shaped sponges to simplify dealing with dog messes. Whenever an accident or spill happens, or when its time to wash the dishes late at night, its easy to grab the closest thing at hand that will do. So, what happens when you clean your dishes with the same sponge or scrubby that you used earlier to clean your dog’s food bowl or floor spills? Our bone-shaped sponge is a simple solution to stave off cross-contamination from floors and dog bowls to your dishes and tabletops. Not only will it be easier to spot when you need it quick, the recognizable shape can communicate to the whole family that this is the dog’s sponge. Our three multi-colored dog sponges can even help differentiate your messes: maybe one for the food bowl, one for the vigorous water drinker, and one for spills and accidents. Not to mention they make a fun visual reminder that those furry friends of ours need clean dishes too!

Bone-Shaped Dog Sponges Getting It Done

Our sloppy dog, bone-shaped sponges are just one problem-solving product we included in our Pet Peeves Solved collection. Click here to see how else we can simplify your life with your dog.

Sloppy dog sponges by Poochie-Pets


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