How Dogs Make Us More Social Beings

How dogs make us more social beings | PoochieLife

What does it take to get out and expand your world? Sometimes it just takes a tail-wagging companion. Wherever we are in life, having our pooches by our sides can help us expand our social activities and discover more engaging past times. Many dogs seem naturally gifted at making friends, but more importantly their happy and faithful presence provides an anchoring bit of security for us. When we are together with our pooches, we can feel more relaxed and confident, making us more open to strike up conversations or try something new. Here are just a few social activities you can enjoy with your pooch:

  1. Everyday Errands

Dogs in social settings often act as magnets for attention. Just walking your dog in the neighborhood can invite conversations with people who live right around you, but don’t have much occasion to meet you. Even complete strangers will walk up to say hi to an adorable pooch, which can easily turn into chatting with you. To really see this dog-magnet magic in action, take your dog on errands with you, or go to a dog-friendly restaurant. More places are allowing dogs, and with a little research you can quickly find where you and your pooch can go together. Your dog will certainly enjoy spending time with you, sniffing new scents, seeing new scenes, and of course meeting new people!

  1. Dog Gatherings

We make friends when we meet someone with whom we share common interests. For dog-lovers, there’s no better place to start than dog parks, where they can immediately connect with others through their dogs. There are also local events that encourage pooch and human attendance. For example, a humane society fundraiser in Indianapolis, IN holds a walk for pups and their humans called the “Mutt Strut”; thousands of two and four-legged strutters attend each year. Local events like these draw many passionate people and their dogs together.

  1. Play Dates

If you’re looking for a small-scale social, try group dog playdates. Run through a list of friends you know already who have dogs and see if you can set up a time with them to let your dogs meet and play together. This social visit is great for getting to know your friends better and meeting them on a more regular basis.

  1. Dog Competitions

Some of us enjoy competitive activities that let us show off our hard work and training. Dogs, especially those with high-energy, can greatly benefit from training for competitions such as agility events, and even synchronized dance competitions. The training aspect engages your dog’s body and mind, and strengthens the bond between you. The competition aspect lets you meet like-minded people and display in a meaningful way what you and your dog have learned.

What social activities do you and your pooch enjoy? Share in the comments below.

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