Experience the PoochieLife: Love & Be Loved

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Loving on their humans is part of our pooches’ daily routine. They always seem to be ready to give kisses, paws, noses and snuggles ― their enthusiasm knows no bounds! The affection we share with our dogs is more than just sweet gestures. Petting our pooches and showing love is an important way of communicating that we care. Below are some pooches snuggling happily with their humans. Thanks to the Instagramers who let us share photos of their cuddle sessions with their adorable dogs!


Experience the PoochieLife | Snuggles and Cuddles
Source: @bitofgrace

Nap time with Dad #husky #Koda #huskymix #huskiesofinstagram

A photo posted by Ossian & Koda (@theokdogs) on

They took the gold in the synchronized blinking event.

A photo posted by Cooper-the-Pooper (@cooperfargo) on

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