Experience the PoochieLife: Take A Moment to Smell the Roses

Experience the #PoochieLife: Stop and Smell the Roses

We can learn a thing or two from our dogs’ love of the outdoors. They understand adventure is out there, and they want to jump straight into it. Our pooches will frolic in just about every element: sun, grass, mud, water, snow and even the woods. They inspire us to go outside, take better care of ourselves, and to take a moment to appreciate the world around us. Below are some adorable pooches enjoying the outdoors with their humans – you can see their joy on their faces! Thanks to the Instagramers who let us share photos of their experiences with their marvelous dogs!



My dog the goat. #hikingwithdogs #aussiecorner #aussiesofinstagram #australianshepherd #sandiegoaussies #dogsintrees

A photo posted by Clinton Lariscy (@hoptoad_and_mutt) on




How does your dog remind you to take a moment and appreciate the world?

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