Extra Long PoochieBells® for the Vertically Challenged

Extra Long PoochieBells | Poochie-Pets

Our classic PoochieBells® were designed with all dogs in mind.

PoochieBells®’ four, 1 ¼ inch bells ring loud and clear, and our snaps and ribbons are built to withstand vigorous use. However, some pooches were not so enamored with the design—small dogs in particular!

With bell training dogs for potty training becoming more and more prevalent here in the United States, we’ve seen teacup and toy breeds of all sorts of furry shapes and sizes taking advantage of the easy learning process. Many of our customers with these breeds have told us about their tiny dogs being afraid of the classic PoochieBells® chime, and some of the tiniest pooches couldn’t easily reach the bells to ring them when hung from a standard doorknob. We have always hoped to not leave the little dogs out, by also offering matching hooks and keeping our PoochieBells® flexible to use on all sorts of doors. And now, to make them even friendlier to our lil friends, we’ve created a whole new design for the vertically challenged. The Extra Long PoochieBells® hang only one pair of custom petite bells, smaller than our classic size for gentler sound. They’re also two inches longer so petite dogs can reach them easily. In no time at all the Extra Longs have become a great option for puppy potty training as well!

Do you have a small pooch who loves their Extra Long PoochieBells®?
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