Eye-to-Eye: Behind Your Dog’s Adoring Looks

Human-Dog Communication | Poochie-Pets

To dog-lovers, this will be no surprise, but according to a recent study conducted at Japan’s Azabu University (highlighted here in the Wall Street Journal) we enjoy a special connection with our dogs when we make eye contact. Just as humans bond, or show affection by looking into each other’s eyes, dogs and their humans may have formed the same behavior to communicate their love and loyalty. The study showed that a hormone called oxytocin increased in concentration when humans and their own dogs gazed at each other. Oxytocin is associated with feelings of well-being, attachment, and maternal behaviors.

We love communicating with our furry companions; we made PoochieBells for that reason. It’s an easy, simple way for them to say “I need outside, please!”. But we’ve been outdone by Mother Nature here—nothing is more simple than an adoring look to say, “I love you”.

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