Feel the Warmth | Live In Dog Years ™

Feel the Warmth | Live In Dog Years™

Our Live in Dog Years collection of gift items celebrates how our furry dog friends remind us of the importance of living life fully each day. We created this product line because we come across daily examples of these Dog Years moments. For example, I spotted this beautiful picture on a friend’s Facebook page a few days ago. I instantly felt a sense of warmth as the dark shadowed dog absorbed the light and heat from the setting sun. I could imagine the warm, smooth sand “underpaw”, and the calming sound of the ocean waves. Once again, a pooch reminded me of treasured moments in my life.

There are so many ways to interpret the Live in Dog Years reminder of Feel the Warmth.  For those of us who live in a cold, wintery climate, this time of year we feel it through sleepy lap dogs, crackling fireplaces, big fuzzy sweaters, and steamy comfort food.  We dream of being in places like where this lucky pup is! All in all though, the warmth we enjoy and appreciate the most comes from the love of friends, relatives, teams at work, the friendly smile of the staff at the local java stop, and of course, the never ending affection of the dogs in our lives.

Photo Credit: Tyson featured by the Santoro Family – Thank you for the great inspiration for Feel the Warmth!


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