First Day of Fall Musings: Our Little Ode to Autumn

First Day of Fall Musings | Poochie-Pets

Today fall begins. To many of us, even some of our pooches, that means sweater-weather and a doleful goodbye to sunny summer. While the cold can be not as fun, fall brings quite the stunning transformation—flaming colors, brisk days perfect for hiking, new smells, the anticipation of end-of-the-year holidays. You may have noticed the rising excitement for coming festivities through yard décor. The harvest-minded people pop out their colored corn, straw bales, gourds and pumpkins, while spook enthusiasts deck their landscape in ghouls, ghosts and stringy cotton cobwebs. For the Poochie-Pets team, fall means bringing out our Leather and Bamboo PoochieBells. Their soft earth tones help bring the colors of fall indoors!

The energy of change is ubiquitous in fall, and in all likelihood your pooch has probably caught it. The cooler air feels refreshing to our fur-coated buddies—outside, leaf piles are calling, new scents are waiting to be explored. If you haven’t yet, take the time to revel in fall walks! Revisit your favorite neighborhood jaunts, or explore new ones with your pooch on this first day of fall.

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