For the Love of Muddy Dogs

For the Love of Muddy Dogs | Poochie-Pets

It’s pretty much official; dogs revel in the wet, messy and muddy, from creeks and ponds to puddles and sprinklers. For some of us, muddy dogs are daily things. For others, it’s the occasional romp in the backyard or park that reminds us our pooches love playing hard. Regardless, these dirty outings are special moments for dogs and their humans. One of our PoochieBells owners shared a reminiscence of her two pooches embracing the elements.

“I moved with my dog Indigo Blue from New York City to Berkeley, California, where I adopted another pooch, Cody Bear, from a local rescue. One of our favorite places to go was a dog park along the San Francisco Bay. It was an absolutely gorgeous place with undulating coastal hills and rocky outcroppings leading you directly into the bay. And the views of San Francisco were simply amazing! Indigo and Cody loved to race down the rocks (ignoring the view of course) to jump straight into the salty water. It was a little paradise for sun and fun—they’d run all around the hills with the other dogs, and after an hour we’d come home thoroughly exhausted, still wet, sticky and a little muddy.”

It’s worth preparing for those soggy moments when your pooch is in the “absolute bliss” state and happily, shamelessly dripping (or shaking) water and mud everywhere. Next time you’re going for a summer romp, bring along our to-go Pet Towel™! Do you and your dog have a favorite muddy spot? We’d love to hear about it.

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