Goofball Gibby: A PoochieLife Story

Goofball Gibby | Poochielife
PoochieLife Reason #516
“My dog doesn’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow; enjoy the present moment or you will miss out on the now.”

Pug | PoochieLifeCheryl, founder of Poochie-Pets and the PoochieLife community, shared her story about her very snuggly pug, Gibby, who makes her a better person by drawing her into the present moment and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

“What I love about Gibby is that he’s got a lot of personality; he’s very quirky and very easy to read. Gibby comes to work with me at the Poochie-Pets office every day, and it is hard not to involve him in the way I work. Our staff loves Gibby, and gives him cookie treats. When he gets a treat, he parades around the office to show everyone. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in thinking about yesterday, or thinking about what you need to do tomorrow, but then you miss out on the simple things that happen in your daily life.

 Pug work | PoochieLifeWhat Gibby does for me is that he draws me into the moment of what’s happening by his characteristics and quirkiness. During the day, I can stop and watch him make his little visits to everyone, watch him bark at strange noises, listen to his funny snorting sounds he makes, and I can see other people do the same thing I’m doing; pausing and enjoying this funny little dog just living his life.

What Gibby brings to each moment is his goofball personality. You can tell what he’s thinking since he’s so expressive. Gibby likes to wear outfits, loves people, and is overall very sweet. He knows and greets everyone, our mail lady, our bank (they even send him cookies through the tube), and the Dunkin Donuts drive-through we visit every morning. He also loves to chase airplanes, or rather likes to keep them from landing in our yard; we live by the airport and he will chase them from one end of our yard to the other.

Gibby reminds me to just enjoy the moment, and embrace the excitement, love and treats that are always coming our way.”

snuggled pug | PoochieLife

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