His PoochieBells Helped this Lost Dog Find His Way Home!

PoochieBells Help Lost Dog, Teddy, in Coming Home

It is our customers that make what we do so important to us. PoochieBells were made out of our founder’s need to communicate with her dog. While they help many a pooch let their humans know they need to go out, we were recently sent this story and video of how PoochieBells helped a lost dog get in!

“We thought you might enjoy this video.  Our beloved 2 year old Havanese, Teddy, ran away on Thursday at 2PM and went on quite the adventure.  Due to the cold weather and the risk of pipes freezing, I finally had to close the back door at 9PM, so I hung his PoochieBells on the back door in case he miraculously found his way home (he was last seen over 2 miles from our home in downtown Boston in a neighborhood he had never been in with snow banks well over his head on most streets).  My security camera captured the footage of him returning home at 4:47AM and him ringing the PoochieBells harder than I have ever seen him ring them before (he normally just paws at them ever so slightly).  The PoochieBells make quite the cameo!!”

We are honored to have played a part in the happy ending to this story. Good Boy Teddy!!!

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