Jingle Bells Are Ringing at PoochieBells


We do not hear our bells. It’s kind of a strange phenomenon here at PoochiePets that because we hand-make every set of PoochieBells, we no longer hear them jingling as we work! However, we do appreciate them every day as an example of our commitment to creating a unique, high-quality product. Did you know that we have been purchasing our custom-made bells from a local factory here in CT for close to for ten years?  In fact, our bell supplier is the oldest and only remaining bell manufacturer in North America.  Since 1832 this company has been creating bells through thick and thin. Their long-time dedication to creating a quality product and to personalized customer service allowed them to come back stronger than ever after their factory burnt to the ground a few years ago! We are proud to be partnered with such a special organization.

Early on in our product design development, we knew we needed to create bells around the characteristics of our users – the pooches! So we had our bells custom-designed for effectiveness and safety.  Each bell is made with reinforced walls to ensure they will not get smooshed in doors. They are designed to have small openings so that claws don’t get stuck. Finally, each bell is finished with a paw print insignia, marking them as a PoochieBells bell.  When you ring our bells, you’ll hear the perfect combination of functionality, hand-crafted workmanship and beautiful sound.

These special bells are delivered to us once a week. When our delivery gentleman pulls up in his truck, our Poochie team lines up to unload each box of 500 bells into the storage area. Every time we joke to each other that we should video this process as the PoochieBells exercise program!  It’s a weekly team-building exercise, as every member is needed to staff the delivery line.

As we celebrate our “Secret Santa” gift giving this month, we do so with an extra “ring” of our bells.  Our customers tell us all the time how they appreciate the craftsmanship of our products. We are thankful for the opportunity to bring quality products to the pet-loving community, and to work with local vendors committed to our values of quality, safety and fun.


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