Live In Dog Years: Admit Sheepishly, Forgive Wholeheartedly

Poochie Bells

Those of you who follow this blog know that Gibby the Pug is my best friend. He not only brings me daily joy, he also opens my eyes to the way we choose to live in the world. Let’s take today for example. This morning, while I was blissfully enjoying the steam of my shower a bit longer than usual, the Gibster was truly struggling with this change in the routine. He ended up having a potty accident on my bed (note to self: design PoochieBells that can be heard from the shower). As a very proud Pug, protective of his dignity, this situation was something he was very nervous and shameful about. As I approached the scene, I saw Gibby trembling with worry about how I would react. Nevertheless, there he sat, right next to his pile, admitting sheepishly his mistake.  Done, no hiding it. What did I do? Cleaned it up and moved on.

Like many of us, my life is packed with activities: work, family, to-do’s, appointments, celebrations, etc. etc.  I’m going to go ahead now and just admit something – I forget a lot of it.  I keep mental lists, written lists, iphone lists, and password lists. I download organization app after organization app. You name it and I have tried it. Today, I am exactly where I started….often forgetting items, always rushing around, and making lots of mistakes.

While I tend to look at most mistakes as personal or professional opportunities, sometimes they are just that – something I did not mean to do or should not have done. When those happen, I would like to start taking a cue from GibbyRoo and admit them. To myself or to whomever my actions have affected. I bet most times I will be met with the same sentiment that Gibby was – love, forgiveness, and a good squeeze.

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