Live in Dog Years: Dig Deeper

Lane, the Well-A-Way horse farm's mascot , nestled in his dirt-haven relaxing

Golden Retriever lounging on shaded picnic tableI was reminded recently of the verve our pooches put into life while watching Lane at my daughter’s horseback riding lesson. (Thank you Well-A-Way Farm!) To manage the extreme heat, he wandered the farm in search of the perfect cool spot. From the top of the umbrella-shaded picnic table he moved to a shady place and proceeded to dig deep in the dirt, building a cool nest for himself.  In a down moment on this hot day, he created a space to cool off  – getting ready for the next adventure that would surely arrive soon. Lane dug deep – literally and figuratively!

When we created our Dig Deeper Live in Dog Years™ artwork, our team focused on the parallel of always dig deep and do your best – put that extra effort, gusto, muscle into everything you do. It is the paradigm by which our pooches live whole-heartedly! From digging a hole in the sand deep and wide so that everyone trips and falls into it as they aimlessly walk the beach, to creating a cool spot to rest, dogs know how to put out their best.

How do you Live In Dog Years and Dig Deeper?

In what ways do you live like your pooch, putting that extra thought and energy into the world – digging deep? We’d love to hear about it!


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