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From an early age all were told about the importance of sharing. This act of generosity was meant to show your respect for others, and your lack of selfishness. I don’t know about you, but I find sharing difficult at times. And, it seems we impose this expectation on our furry friends as well – which can be quite challenging for them too!  Perhaps by observing how sharing works for our pooches we can find an easier way to adopt this virtue.

For my pack of three dogs, sharing is not universally applied. Specific “things” are shared routinely, such as the dog bed and space on the couch. Experiences are also shared heartily! Barking at nothing, walks in the neighborhood, and cuddles with the humans are definitely a communal experience. However, there are a few items on the not fun to share list: favorite toys, treats, and food. Painful experiences are not shared either, as the first thing one of my pooches does when he hurts himself is cry out in warning to his brothers. So, from these observations, do we take it that there are times to share and times to be selfish? Do we share the good times, work on sharing things that are special to us, and keep the not-so wonderful things to ourselves?

It seems to me that we are happiest when we involve others in our lives. Isn’t that why we have dogs in the first place – to have someone to share with? A bond is created between people (and pooches) through shared experiences, whether good or bad. As my dogs all cuddle on the same small dog bed, or two of them stare at the one happily gnawing on the favorite toy, I find myself wanting to share generously by finding even more ways to include in my life the ones I love.

Photo credit: Thank you “Miles” of the Johnson Family, Brooklyn

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