Live in Dog Years | Wait Patiently

Dogs waiting to come in | Live In Dog Years™ Wait Patiently

These three sets of eyes in the cold waiting patiently to be let back into the warmth got me thinking about the virtue of patience. With the New Year always comes a new set of dreams and ambitions to achieve – right now! The instant communication & access to information world that we live in pushes us to act quickly and make snap decisions. However, I find that quality takes time. The richness of life is found in those moments of slow contemplation, where we take the time to consider other ideas. Lasting results come from taking thoughtful steps toward an end goal.

As I find myself getting frustrated by the lack of quick results in my life, I think of that soft look from my Besties as they patiently hover at the door. Their patience is based on their trust that I will be there eventually to let them in. I am reminded to trust in myself, and to work patiently toward my goals. One day and one step forward at a time.

Do you Live In Dog Years by allowing yourself the time it takes to make change, to set small goals towards the larger one?


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