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Live In Dog Years: Cherish Family and Friends

Our pooches excel at appreciating the love in their lives. The ecstatic welcome we get when we arrive home; the questioning eyes and gentle nudges we get when we are visibly upset; the lift of the head and wag of the tail that happens when we walk into the room – dogs show us all the time how much we mean to them. It seems to make them feel good, and it certainly makes us feel loved!

Yet we humans are not so lucky – we can struggle with expressing our feelings. Life gets busy and we forget to do the little things that make the people special to us feel appreciated. In the spirit of our Live in Dog Years™ product line, we remind ourselves and you to take a moment to cherish your loved ones today. Perhaps a lingering hug, or a well-meant compliment, or even an “I love you” will be just what someone needs. And of course, remember to pat your pooch, who is the true inspiration for taking the time to show the love.

What is your favorite way that your pooch shows you love?

Wolfhound cherishes his tiny kitten friend

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