Live in Dog Years: Roxy Reminds Us to Rest Easy

Live In Dog Years

As spring slowly arrives here in New England, many of us are just as anxious as our pooches to get outside! We don our lined jackets, a hat and gloves, and go for walks – muddy walks. While outside we note the poor state of the flower beds, and begin making chore lists. The pooches get busy exploring the old smelling spots, noting how they may have changed over the snowy winter and enjoying the emergence of their earthy aroma. Spring is full of excitement and promise, and additions to our already busy schedules.

Roxy here reminds us that even though we may be gleefully adding to our outdoor to-do list, it is important to take the time to Live in Dog Years, and rest easy each day. Spring in Connecticut means damp, chilly nights – the perfect time to curl up with some tea and a good book, relaxing after a productive day. There will be more time tomorrow for the busywork.

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