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Love Unconditionally

Bogey & Sadie shared with us this sweet moment from a recent trip home from Friday night date night. We were touched by how they seem comforted by the soft touch of each other as the car moved them through each bend in the road. They exemplify the idea of Love Unconditionally within our LIDY product line.

Their image reminded us that there is nothing better than wrapping up your work week by cozying up with your loved ones.  So, how about you join Bogie & Sadie and take some time this Friday night to appreciate the loves in your life?  Snuggle up, get warm and share your week’s accomplishments, inspirations, and frustrations. Make some fun weekend plans!  Remember though, sometimes no words are needed; just a simple touch, lean and sigh can express it all.

Special thanks to Bogey & Sadie for sharing their moment of comfort with us 🙂

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