Meet Bargo’s Dandy Danes: Becky Bargo, Great Dane Breeder

Great Dane Breeder | Bargo's Dandy Danes

We have recently met spunky Becky Bargo, a Great Dane breeder in Barbourville, Kentucky. She and her husband run the business out of their home, breeding full-blooded American and European Great Danes.

“It all started when my daughter bought a Great Dane puppy five years ago,” said Becky. “At first we were like ‘why?’, but then she had to bring him to me when her landlord said he had to go. We fell in love with him, and the business grew from the first litter he fathered with our second Great Dane. Since then, we have just loved what we do.”

Becky takes in Great Dane puppies when she finds ones that need a home. “We’ve rescue three so far this year. Right now we have ten puppies and a momma getting ready to deliver. It’s crazy how many people come over to see our Great Danes—then they end up taking them home! Many of our customers become good friends of ours; we’ll have parties for them throughout the year. Companies donate things that we use for prizes and puppy packs. We found PoochieBells through social media, and were really excited to order some for our puppies!”

You can find Becky on Facebook.

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