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Live In Dog Years™ Mind Your Manners

While visiting family a few months ago I passed this cutie with his humans, sitting quietly at the table with great poise and class.  He reminded me of our Live in Dog Years theme Mind Your Manners, especially at this time of year, when the holidays may mean sitting around the dinner table with family.  All of those rules that must be followed: sit up straight, chew your kibble with mouth closed (no drool of course), paws off the table, no licking your plate and be sure to not bark with your mouth full! I’m tired already.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are thankful for your continued support. We are honored that PoochieBells will be ringing in homes everywhere this holiday season.  From all of us at Poochie-Pets we sincerely wish you and your dog friends all a healthy, safe and loving holiday season.

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