Pause for Paws: Knowledge is Paw-er

Pause for Paws | Poochie Pets

Have you ever paused over your dog’s paws? Melvin Pena’s recent post on dogster dives into the anatomy of the paw, exploring just how intricate something as common to us our dog’s feet are. It is fascinating how one part of the body can tell you about the whole animal! From the difference between shapes of pooch feet to the makeup of foot pads that let dogs run around barefoot in the snow, this world of dewclaws and carpal pads gives us fresh insight into the canine nature. Dogs’ paws are understandably as important to them as our hands and feet are to us. We love to share informative articles like these that explore new and sometimes even obscure information, and give us ideas on how to make our dogs’ lives better. We would love to hear what you know too! Share a bit of your dog knowledge with us in the comment section below.

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