Poochie-Pets Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Poochie-Pets celebrates 10 years

Ten years ago this month Poochie-Pets was officially created and accepted by the State of Connecticut as a business, in fact the only business in the state making dog doorbells.  I remember sitting in my car leaving my attorney’s office thinking to myself – perhaps there was a reason for that, and, now what

Now what ended up being a lot of: hours worked, late nights spent worrying, risks taken, “no’s” ignored, experiments tried, and tears shed – all of which I wouldn’t give up or trade for anything. The incredible experience of building a business, surrounded by and amazing group of friends and peers, has been worth every challenge. For every trial and tribulation, there have been leaps forward and successes gained. And best of all, we have contributed to the lives of our customers by enhancing their relationship with their pooches. What could be more satisfying?

I am thankful and humbled by the Poochie-Pets people that surrounds me each day. Truly a team, we arrive each day as skilled individuals and work together to make the business grow and thrive. We build every PoochieBells literally by hand, and pack and deliver them to our dog-loving families throughout the world. In 2015 we will ship our millionth PoochieBells. That millionth piece will be built, packaged and shipped just as our first one was….by hand, with the vision of creating an ease and happiness for both dog and owner.

As Poochie-Pets celebrates 10 years in business among our Poochie team throughout the year, and we plan to bring you in on the fun too!  So, watch our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and website for exciting things to come.

Follow your passion, take risks, expect success & wag your tail…

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