Poochie-Pets Wins Best Cover Design!

Best Cover Design | Poochie-Pets

We at Poochie-Pets had the chance to celebrate our team efforts when we won the best cover design for Women in the Pet Industry Network’s magazine. Women in the Pet Industry Network, or WIPIN, is an organization that connects women in the pet industry through providing a community space of support and advice. Our director of operations Sally saw the contest and got together with our graphic designer to make a cute cover that would knock the ball out of the park. Our director of sales Shawn also put her hat in the ring and came up with our cover’s fun phrase.

Our cover was, of course, inspired by our pooches and their eagerness to get outside when the winter thaws to spring. Their energy is infectious, and we find ourselves being called outdoors as well to enjoy the sunshine and watch nature wake up again.

Thanks to WIPIN for giving us this honor!

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