Who Wouldn’t Want to Attend A Pug Social?

Pug Social 2014

A few weeks ago Gibby and I packed our bags and headed to our first Pug Social, hosted by the New England Pug Rescue Group (PRONE) in Spencer, Massachusetts. Greeted by hundreds of pugs and their passionate families that day, I felt an overwhelming sense of community as we all shared the love of our unique pug buddies. It was truly a heartfelt experience for everyone there as we watched pug after pug strut by and showcase their unique personalities. Pug races, costume contests, most curly tail, most wrinkles – you name it – all pug characteristics were recognized at this event as prized attributes. Needless to say, Gibby and I loved it.

What struck me most however was the passion of the PRONE team and their followers for helping pugs in need.  All volunteers, the group works tirelessly to rescue and place pugs in forever homes. They also provide medical care, food, and foster housing when needed. This team gets high praises from Gibby and the PoochieBells team!  We thank them for inviting us to their event and sharing with us the warmth of their community.

To learn more about PRONE, check out their website or find them on Facebook.

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