Live In Dog Years: Reach for the Stars

Meet Pixie- the Great Dane Puppy | Live In Dog Years™

Our first glance at this pic of “Pixie” left us stunned – how can this creature be so beautiful? And those legs!  As a 13-week old pup, this gray-blue Great Dane lazily stretches those long, long legs like they are nothing, like they are not what will propel her forward into the world. For now she takes a moment of physical rest, though still well alert to the curiosities surrounding her. Seeing this gorgeous pooch reminded us of one of our Live In Dog Years ™ themes, Reach for the Stars. Like most pups, Pixie – such an little name for a big girl – will embrace life with enthusiasm and verve, reaching her long legs toward her adulthood. She will learn the hard lessons of “no”, and strive to achieve the many goals her adoring humans have set for her as she matures.

Live In Dog Years Moment

Meet Pixie, the Great Dane Puppy
Photo Credit: New Klebanoff

Pixie’s long, growing legs are a reminder of the importance of pushing yourself continually toward your goals. Sometimes gently, sometimes with intense power, yet always moving forward unafraid of reaching far and beyond your current abilities. Recognizing each day your inner drive that motivates you, and the tools you will use, like Pixie uses her legs, to get you there. Goals come in all varieties, short & long, personal & professional, yet your every day actions bring you continually closer in range.  Perhaps like for Pixie, whose owners affectionately described as “a bit clumsy”, it’s the stumbles that send your body head over heels that most often teach us the most about what it takes to dream a bit out of reach.

Walk, Stumble, Run Onward!




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