Dogs & Roses: A PoochieLife Story

Dogs and Roses: A #PoochieLife Story
PoochieLife Reason #84
“My dog reminds me to ‘stop and smell the roses’ when he goes outside.”

This reason came from Carol of Connecticut. She shares the story of her dog, Cam, who makes her a better person by reminding her to pause and enjoy quiet moments every day, even if it’s just by basking in the sunshine.

“Cam is a rescue dog from Arkansas. We adopted him after we lost our German Shepherd gal 14 years ago. At first he didn’t know what grass was or how to play ball. Now one of his favorite things to do is hang out in the back yard. Cam just really takes his time enjoying the outdoors—he sits in the sun, watches critters move around the garden, nuzzles his nose in the flowers—watching him stroll calmly through the yard gives me an overall peace.

Cam is a Catahoula Leopard dog, which is a cattle herding breed in the south. He’s about 45 pounds. I stumbled across his picture online while searching the adoption sites. After my husband and I lost our German Shepherd, we had a hole in our heart and just felt like it was time to find another. When I found Cam, my first thought was that he looked exactly like a dog I had 35 years ago, and that was that. We named him Camber Aster Tow, which I believe is a part on a car (my husband is a car enthusiast), but we call him Cam for short. He brings such joy to us. He’s loving and kind, he knows when you’re not feeling well, he pays attention to that just like a real friend. He literally hugs my husband. I don’t even look at him as a dog; he’s really family.”


How does your dog remind you to take a moment and appreciate the world?

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