PoochieBells, Effective Communication With Your Dog

Dog house training, with PoochieBells® dog doorbell

We believe communication is the key to relationships, that is for most mammals.  Hence the fundamental idea behind our dog housetraining tool, PoochieBells, is not potty training, but rather communication. Our team is asked constantly, “Does This Really Work?”.  Well, YES. The unique element to PoochieBells® and bell training in general is that it is a way for both owner and dog to communicate easily and effectively. Wonderfully true for any age owner or dog!  A dog’s barking, whining or “that look” can mean many things. Ringing the bells simply means “I need out/attention” – a clear communication channel.

dog housetrainingThe idea for PoochieBells began just over nine years ago, when our founder’s family struggled with housetraining their new dog Oscar.  He would simply sit by the door and wait for someone to recognize his need for potty time.  He clearly needed a way to communicate his needs with his family.  Several versions later, PoochieBells® was developed and within days, Oscar was ringing when he needed out.  What a relief (pun intended) that everyone in his home quickly became conditioned to understand and react to the ringing bells.

Our pet industry professionally endorsed training method uses the basis of conditioning with repeated stimulus to create an expected result.  Ring the bells and out you go. Simple, effective and proven.  When we asked our clients what their typical results have been, we were thrilled to hear that their average training time was just under 10 days, and of their success with any age pooch.

Clear communication leads to both a happier pooch and owner. If you have not tried PoochieBells® yet, now is the time! This week we are giving 10% off any style PoochieBells on our website, poochiebells.com. Use coupon code NEWBIE. Offer ends midnight Friday, July 18th, 2014.

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