Roxy: A PoochieLife Story

Roxy: A Poochielife Story
PoochieLife Reason #584
“I get out and socialize and meet new people when walking my grand-dog, Roxy.”

Rhonda joined our PoochieLife community and shared her story about her granddog Roxy, a black lab mix with a lot of energy and curiosity, who makes her a better person by helping her expand her social bubble.

“My son adopted Roxy from the humane society, and she has been a great companion to him, and by extension, to me ever since. Whenever I see Roxy, I usually get to walk her. She helps me meet people and socialize, because I am very shy and don’t feel comfortable going up to strangers. But Roxy just attracts people to her, and has no fear of new friends; with her at my side, I can talk with people that I normally would pass by. She has made a big difference in my son’s life as well. She is so excited to be with him, and makes him feel loved and cared about every day.

I don’t see Roxy a lot except during the summer months when the whole family camps out on land we have in Pennsylvania. It’s fun watching her play there, chasing butterflies, leaping through tall grass. When we walk around the property, she’ll be running circles around us, sniffing. She likes to act as our guard dog, and lets us know if she senses any wild animal nearby. We also like to take her to the waterfalls in New York, since Roxy loves playing in water.”

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