Saving Spot Donation Program
by Poochie-Pets


Saving Spot by Poochie-Pets, spotting pooches in need:

Created in 2012, Saving Spot is a community-minded donation endeavor, supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to the welfare of dogs through rescue/adoption services and dog-related programs that help those in need. Each Saving Spot product is clearly identified, so that our customers will know that their purchase is making a difference. Designs chosen for Saving Spot’s products reiterate the passion that one feels through rescuing and adopting a homeless dog.

How Organizations Benefit:

Whenever a Saving Spot PoochieBells®, collar, leash, or hook is purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes toward providing standard nylon dog leashes to participating nonprofit organizations. Qualifying organizations are assigned a timeframe for their campaign, determined by Poochie-Pets. At the end of the campaign, Poochie-Pets will donate 50 standard nylon dog leashes.

Media and Marketing Awareness:

During the duration of each Saving Spot campaign, the participating organization’s logo and a link to their website will be posted on the Saving Spot pages of Poochie-Pets’ website. We will also provide social media awareness through Facebook, Twitter, etc. In return, we ask that Poochie-Pets’ logo and link to our website be placed on the participating organization’s website and that they provide social media awareness (i.e. FaceBook, Twitter, etc.) to bring additional awareness to this endeavor.