Stressed? Cuddle Your Pooch! Ways Dogs Reduce Stress

Ways Dogs Reduce Stress | Poochie-Pets

Many recent studies are showing what many pooch lovers already know—our dogs help reduce our stress. The secret lies in spending time with our pooches daily, routinely feeding, walking, petting and playing with them. Not only does focusing your efforts on your pooch give you a consistent way to put aside worries for the moment, the activities themselves are stress-reducers. Here is how your pooch’s daily routine is helping you live a calmer life:

Cuddle Time:

Touch is important to our emotional health, so it’s no wonder that even just petting your dog can calm you down. Some studies show that spending time with dogs results in lower blood pressure.

Play Time:

Having fun with your pooch is good for you? Who knew! But seriously, playing with your pooch helps you spend more time in the present moment engaging and bonding with another living being. Fun becomes part of your daily routine, enhancing your life in the long run and providing a positive outlet for your dog’s energy. You can get creative too! Check out our favorite inventive dog games here.

Exercise Time:

Abundant research has shown how leading an active life does wonders for our overall well-being, positively affecting mental, emotional, and of course physical health. We tend to sleep better, have lower levels of stress, and live longer when we exercise regularly. Our pooches’ boundless energy and need for getting out of the house will often motivate us to be more active, helping us continue our exercise routines. But dogs aren’t just our cheerleaders, they love to be out there on the road with us! Having a walking or running buddy can take the drudgery out of exercising alone. And now more than ever, diverse exercise programs are being offered that include your dog! One is doga, an expanding yoga practice that incorporates pooches in classes. As the practice has developed, classes focus on facilitating good exercise and companionship for the dog-human duo. Read more about it here.

How does your pooch make you a better person?


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