Summer Fun: Dog Safety Tips for the Beach

Dog Beach Safety Tips

Summer is the time for family fun at the beach, and some of us are fortunate to find places that allow our pooches to join in. However, the sand, water and sun can pose hazards for our furry family members. Jennie Dudley from Hairy Winston Pet Boutique & Grocery in Mt Pleasant, SC offers some tips on having fun while keeping your dog safe:

  • Did you know that dogs can get sunburns and skin cancer? Short-haired dogs and those with white hair or pink skin in particular. Limit your pooch’s time in the sun and cover them with a fragrance-free, UVA and UVB sunblock. Don’t forget the nose. Solardogz makes UV-protective pet clothing.
  • Make sure to provide fresh water and a shady place to rest. Hanging out in the direct sun can lead to heat stroke. Sharing that needed respite with your pooch is good for you too! The quickest way to cool your dog is pouring cool water over the back of the neck and placing paws in cool water.
  • Running on the sand is strenuous for humans and pooches alike. If your dog is not used to exercise, be careful with allowing them to run on the beach for a long time. Also, sand temperatures can become hot enough to burn and blister the pads of your dog’s paws. Place your hand on the sand to make sure it is cool enough to walk on.
  • Watch that your pooch does not drink too much saltwater, as it can make him or her sick. You can avoid excessive intake of salt water by playing fetch on the sand instead of in the water.
  • Saltwater is tough on a dog’s skin and coat. Make sure to provide a good rinse after a romp in the ocean. Shampoos should always be soap and detergent free. Don’t forget to the rinse off the collar and let it air dry! This will help deter rusting of the hardware and mildew on the collar, and fungus around the dogs neck.
  • Treacherous swimming conditions affect your pooch. Check with the lifeguard for water hazards and jellyfish sightings. Doggie life jackets are a great item to have if your dogs like to venture out into the water. First aid kits are recommended too.
  • Don’t forget to bring poop bags!
  • Finally, NEVER leave your dog in a hot car, even with the windows open. Even outside temperatures in the 70’s can quickly heat car interiors to temperatures in the upper 90’s and higher. Open windows do not do anything to lower the temperature. Call 911 if you see a dog left in a car.

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Have any other dog safety tips for the beach to share?

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