Summer Road Trip: Tips for Traveling by Car with Your Dog

Traveling by car with your dog | Poochie-Pets

Wherever you and your pooch are going for your grand summer trip, traveling requires a bit of planning in order for things to run smoothly. Your furry friend should be up-to-date on shots, have ID tags with your cell phone number (why call home when you won’t be there?), and it’s not a bad idea to brush up on training too. For car trips, it’s even better to crate-train and car-train your pooch, so both situations are comfortable.

We found some great information on the best practices for traveling by car with your dog that we thought we would share:

  • Packing: Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, your pooch’s normal food, and a few chew toys so they don’t get too bored.
  • Car Sickness: To prevent nausea, feed and walk your pooch several hours before you leave on your trip. Your dog with then be fed, but not full, and calmer from the exercise. Consider bringing no-spill water bowls and car sickness medicines like ginger capsules. However, always consult your vet on how to best handle your particular pooch in the event car rides upset his or her stomach.
  • Security: A free dog in the car can cause lots of distraction, not to mention it isn’t safe for your pooch! There are lots of ways to secure your dog so s/he will not be hurt in a car accident: travel crates, harnesses, dog seat belts and safety baskets, to name a few. If you use a seat belt, be sure to put your dog in the backseat so no injuries will occur from an airbag to the face.
  • Breaks: Stop often for exercise, water and potty breaks. Make sure to clean up after your pooch!
  • Windows: Though they love it, don’t let your dog stick his or her head out the window—you never know what could come flying through the air and injure your pooch!
  • Keep It Cool: Ventilate your car well, ideally using air conditioning especially when the temps are high. Your furry friend will appreciate it!
  • Stay with Your Dog: Never leave your dog unattended in a closed vehicle, particularly in the summer. If you must leave the car, designate a family member to stay with your pooch. Otherwise, grab a leash and bring him or her along!

Our dogs are treasured members of our families, and they love going on an adventure with us as much as we love bringing them! Check out the links below for even more tips on how to make your summer car trips safe and fun for your dog.

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