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Australian Labradoodles Love PoochieBells!

Labradoodles Love PoochieBells | Poochie-Pets

Many trainers love how easy and effective PoochieBells are in house-training their dogs. Breeder and trainer Kendra Vestal, owner of Noble Vestal in Noblesville, Indiana, trains all of her Australian Labradoodles on PoochieBells. Poochie-Pets interviewed her to get the scoop on her great company, her chosen breed and training techniques. Passion, Love and Doodles Kendra has […]

His PoochieBells Helped this Lost Dog Find His Way Home!

PoochieBells Help Lost Dog, Teddy, in Coming Home

It is our customers that make what we do so important to us. PoochieBells were made out of our founder’s need to communicate with her dog. While they help many a pooch let their humans know they need to go out, we were recently sent this story and video of how PoochieBells helped a lost […]

PoochieBells, Effective Communication With Your Dog

Dog house training, with PoochieBells® dog doorbell

We believe communication is the key to relationships, that is for most mammals.  Hence the fundamental idea behind our dog housetraining tool, PoochieBells, is not potty training, but rather communication. Our team is asked constantly, “Does This Really Work?”.  Well, YES. The unique element to PoochieBells® and bell training in general is that it is a […]