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Dealing with Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies | Poochie-Pets

Your pooch may think he is invincible—eating anything within reach and getting into everything possible—but dogs happen to have allergies too! Dr. Christopher Brunner, a veterinarian at New Fairfield Animal Hospital, shared with us his advice about diagnosing and managing dog allergies. “The first sign your dog has allergies is if he or she suffers […]

Must Have Pet Accessories: End Your Sponge Confusion

PoochiePets Sponges for those messy dog bowls

Chicken and liver pieces with extra gravy ooze slightly out of the can as I crank my final twist of the can opener.  With the familiar “pop” of suction released, the concoction flops smoothly into the dog bowl, ready to be served to my not-so-patiently waiting furry best friend. As usual, that final plop splashed a […]